To all our supporters we thank you for helping to make this farm a place where we as a community can enjoy animals in their natural God given identity where a chicken can be a chicken and a pig can be a pig! We strive for optimal quality at competitive prices.


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Ground Pork: approx 1 pound packages $6.50 a lb.
Sausage–breakfast, sweet Italian, garlic & chorizo: approx 1 pound packages $8.00 a lb.
Bacon–smoked-Nitrate-free: approx 1 pound packages $11.00 a lb.
Ham Roast & Steaks–smoked:  $10.00 a lb.
Ham Roast & Steaks  $8.00 a lb.
Pork Chops–Loin Chops: 2 per package  $8.50 a lb.
Pork Chops–Sirloin End Chops: 2 per package $8.99 a lb.
Ribs–Southern Style: approx. 1.5 pounds (3 per package)  $8.50 a lb.
Ribs–Baby Back : 2-3 pounds $7.50 a lb.
Ribs–Spare: 1.5-3 pounds $9.29 a lb.
Shoulder Roast: 2-3.5 pounds $6.50 a lb.
Loin Roast–Sirloin: 2-3 pounds $10.00 a lb.
Tenderloin: approx 1 pound $14.99 a lb.


Whole packaged birds: (4-6 lbs Avg) $4.50 a lb.


Whole packaged birds: (15-20 lbs Avg) $4.50 a lb.
Limited quantities available. *Please give a $35 dollar deposit as soon as you can.


1 Dozen Large Eggs: $5.00

**Our grain is locally sourced from Vermont with no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and is a combination of Non-GMO conventional feed grains, and Certified Organic (Also Non-GMO) feed grains from Green Mountain Feeds Company.