Pig Share


Our pigs spend their time outdoors in wooded lots and pasture, rooting, and experiencing the joys of being a pig. They are routinely moved from paddock to paddock so that they can enjoy eating acorns, digging up roots, basking in the sun and scraping on trees their whole lives. Their diet consists of pasture and woodland forage, supplemented with milk (from our dairy cow) and certified non-GMO feed from Green Mountain. No antibiotics, growth hormone or chemicals of any kind. Only the good stuff, none of the bad!


Pork shares come with a variety of different cuts including, but not limited to; pork chops, linked and bulk sausage, roasts, ham, ribs, ground pork and it wouldn’t be a great pork share without…bacon! 🙂 We are more than willing to work with you on different options (for example; types of sausage flavoring, smoking or not, ham roast or ham steaks, roast or grill cuts, etc.) and are happy to answer any questions. Shares are a great and more inexpensive way to buy local and stock up on some amazing pastured product and is great to split with family or friends!


With a whole pig share, please anticipate about 120-130lbs of meat. You will need additional freezer space, as this amount of meat won’t fit in your conventional freezer!


With a half pig share, please anticipate about 60-65lbs of meat. A half pig share will most likely require additional freezer space.


A quarter pig share will be approximately 30lbs of meat. This share will fit in a regular freezer. You won’t have much wiggle room, just enough for a few special extras… ice cream and frozen veggies (for your pork of course!)